Monday, November 2, 2009

Tommy's "Make-A-Wish" Trip

We were so lucky to be able to go on Tommy's "Make-a-Wish" Trip to Disneyworld in October. It was so amazing, all provided by the Make-a-Wish foundation and Give Kids the World. We were treated so well from the time we met Mindy our "wish coordinator" to the time we got home. They really know how to spoil these little kids, and they all completely deserve it for what they've gone through. I have to thank you all for making Tommy's wish come true, he had SO much fun, and felt SO special.
When we got to the airport we met Roger, who was our greeter and brought us from the airport to the Give Kids the World Village where we stayed. The kids loved Roger!
The Give Kids the World Village is a charitable foundation, all donated to kids with life-threatening illnesses. Being there was very humbling and a reminder of everything our little Tommy and our family has been through in the last year. It is amazing how many sick kids there are in our world, it's so sad! Looking around there, being with all these families who have children who are so sick, we were SO grateful that Tommy is so healthy. We love you SO much Tommy! The place is amazing, each family gets their own little villa and each house is decorated differently. There is a ice-cream parlor where the kids were able to eat ice-cream anytime they wanted to for FREE, that was a dream come true! There was a magic castle where inside all of their dreams come true, a Merry-go-round that the kids could ride all by themselves whenever they wanted to. There was a salon for girls AND boys where the kids all got cool fake tatoos and face painting, and Brooklyn got a manicure. There is a theater, a mini golf course, a free arcade, the coolest model train set I've ever seen, a train that takes you around the village, a pool, a playground that is themed after the game Candyland, and many places to eat whenever you're hungry. So that alone kept us very busy!!
When we went to Disneyworld, Seaworld, and Universal Studios, it was SO crowded! I think mine and Tom's favorite part was the tag they gave us that got us to the front of the line on ALL the rides. That saved us many tears and melt-downs from the kids, and us. Tommy's favorite rides were the "Jaws' ride at Universal Studio's and one called "Everest" at Disney's Wild Animal Kingdom. I have to say "Everest" was SO scary, it even went backwards in the dark! Tommy LOVED every minute of it and rode it a few times, Brooklyn was bawling, and I thought I was going to go into labor!
The weather was ridiculously HOT for October, they said it was one of the hottest on record. It was mid 90's with humidity, so we would just sit there and sweat! One of the days we had to take a break from the theme parks and go to the beach. We drove a couple hours out to Cocoa Beach. It was beautiful, and a nice relaxing break. The kids had a blast in the warm water and the fresh air. Zac and Tommy could have played in the sand all day, and I think they did.
The trip was so fun and I can't ever thank Make-a-Wish enough for providing that for our little Tommy! Thank you!!

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