Thursday, September 3, 2009


Tommy started Kindergarten today, and it couldn't come soon enough... for him. He asked me all morning when he got to get on the bus, what is it about that bus? So I kept telling him in a couple hours, in a few minutes...then I finally got smart and stuck a watch on him. I said when the numbers say 12:00 it's time to go. Then he didn't bug me as much, just about every 5 minutes. He was so cute waiting for the bus with his buddy Parker, they were so excited. They were the first kids on the bus, and looked a little nervous about it, but we assured them it'd take them right to school. I didn't think I'd cry, because he was so ready to go, and I was so ready for him to go but I did anyway.
Tommy came home so happy, and loved every minute of his first day of Kindergarten. He got a "Ding-dong" from Mrs. Moon, and nothing could make Tommy happier. He told me all about the playground at recess and what he and the boys were doing, what could be better? What a great first day of school...Let's hope the next 9 months are just as great! We're so proud of you Tommy!

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  1. So cute! How great to have a friend to go with! He is such a handsome boy!